GLUE DEVIL - Carpet & Vinyl Tile Adhesive 1 LT

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Product Overview

Ready To Use Tile Adhesive! GLUEDEVIL CARPET & VINYL TILE ADHESIVE uses water-based technology to give you a high-performance, solvent-free, low VOC acrylic carpet adhesive with very good bond strength. Ideal for use in areas where health is a concern or where immediate occupation is necessary after installation. Available in 1LT, 5LT and 20LT bucket. THIS STUFF IS SO STICKY AND SO STRONG, IT’LL FLOOR YOU.
Unique Selling Propositions (USPs)
  • Low VOC – low odour, no lingering solvent smell means you can move in once set
  • Versatile – Bonds a variety of carpet and vinyl backings to various substrates
  • PSA properties – Excellent tack


(No reviews yet) Write a Review