Introducing GlueDevil ViroMist Sanitizing Aerosol Spray

Jun 11th 2020

Introducing GlueDevil ViroMist Sanitizing Aerosol Spray

GlueDevil Viromist is a 75% alcohol based aerosol sanitizing mist spray that instantly kills illness-causing germs with the ultimate convenience of it being portable enough for it to be easily and confidently taken with you and your loved ones wherever you go.

It has been specially formulated in compliance with the World Health Organization’s (WHO) formulation guidelines as a sanitizer, which can be used to rapidly and effectively sanitize all hard and soft surfaces through out your day, from morning till night.

Use GlueDevil ViroMist Sanitizing Aerosol Spray to protect yourself, your business, your home and loved ones at every step and stop of the day. It is perfect to use in motor vehicles, on your groceries and work surfaces such as kitchen counters, all sporting equipment, electronics and furnishings, school desks, cell phones, hotel rooms, clothing.… the list is endless of things this very clever GlueDevil product can effectively sanitize with just an easy touch of a nozzle.

GlueDevil ViroMist can be used anywhere, such as;

  • Offices and call centres
  • Reception areas and security offices
    Shopping centres, retail stores and showrooms
  • Hospitality and gaming
  • Restaurant and butcheries
  • Airports and public transport
  • Homes and schools

STRONG ENOUGH to kill the toughest germs, SAFE ENOUGH to use in your home.