Don't joke with super glue.

Posted by Nompilo Mathe on Mar 31st 2020

Don't joke with super glue.

"My wife asked to me to pass her a lip balm. I passed her super glue instead. She’s still not talking to me.”

Super glue is not usually harmful to the skin; however, it can bind the skin to other objects, glue the fingers together or come into contact with your eyes. In fact, one of the most frequently asked questions about super glue is "how do I remove superglue from my skin?" Some craft and hardware stores sell super glue removers that promise to be skin-safe, but GlueDevil USA, has come up with 5 home remedies to help you and the kids navigate those DIY projects that have gone awry.

1.Flushing in warm water or warm soapy water;

If the superglue is still wet, flushing in warm water or soapy water may remove superglue from the skin. Once the glue becomes soft, gently rub or peel it off the skin. If the glue comes into contact with your eyes, rinse immediately and seek medical attention.

2.Applying acetone or nail polish remover;

Most nail polish removers have a solvent called acetone that can remove superglue. Because acetone is very drying to skin, this remedy will work best on objects and surfaces. Rinse the object or the surface before applying acetone, but be warned that acetone may change the color of some objects and surfaces. Please ensure that where you’re applying the acetone, it’s safe to use chemicals.

If you have to use it on your skin, pour the nail polish remover into a bowl and soak the skin for a few seconds until the superglue dissolves. Acetone is potentially toxic and can dry out your skin if overexposed, so keep this in mind if you decide to try this method of glue removal. We advise against using it on broken, injured skin and NEVER use it inside the body such as the nose, mouth and eyes.

3.Applying butter, margarine and oils;

Oils and fats can help in separating fingers that are stuck together with superglue. Soak your skin in warm water beforehand, then apply the butter, margarine or oil onto affected area until the superglue dissolves.

4.Using a pumice stone;

We rely on the pumice stone to soften our calluses and corns while removing our dry and dead skin, but it can also be used to remove superglue on your skin. Gently rub affected area with the stone, intermittently soaking the area in warm water until the superglue is gone. Don’t use the pumice stone on sensitive skin or on the face.

5.Try Lemon juice;

Lemon juice contains an acid that is a catalyst for removing super glue. Pour the lemon juice into a bowl and soak the skin for a few minutes. Use a towel to directly rub the affected area until the super glue dissolves. Remember to moisturize the skin after glue removal until it restores to its natural state.